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    RED ONE #138 MX & EPIC 5K

    Co Creative has recently aquired the Epic X 5k Camera and upgraded our Red One to the MX sensor offering a native ISO of 800 and greatly increased dynamic range with very low noise.  

    Co Creative Studios is the proud owner of RED One #138.  Which means we got into the game early.  As filmmakers working with many cameras, we’ve experienced the breakthroughs of DV with the Sony VX1000, 24P and variable framerates on the Panasonic Varicam, and rejoiced in the P2 workflow of the HVX200.  

    9 years ago, when the first mention of a “dream camera” came up on the DVXuser Forums, we were there. Offering feedback to Jim Jannard (RED/Oakley founder) and his team, while skeptics called it “vaporware.”  We stood in line for hours to catch a glimpse of the RED One Prototype at NAB ‘05.  And promptly put down our $1000 deposit, wishing for the best.  Well, those wishes came true.  

    Always early adopters, we Co Creators are thrilled by the challenge and innovation of new technology.  We were among the first in Hawaii working with the HVX and it's P2 workflow, and now, the RED Epic.  And as with everything else, we put the tools through the ringer to work out the bugs, and create a solid workflow for our fellow collaborators.  

    If you have an important project, and the vision to see it in RED, congratulations.  We invite you to join our growing list of revolutionaries. 

    Don't take a chance when it counts.  Trust the company with the experience of over 200 RED One shoot days and counting.  And remember, the revolution will be televised...