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    I pity the fool who don't know the A-Team!

    When I was a kid, I'd come home after an hour long bus ride, and run to religiously catch the A-Team.  I enjoyed their integrity, leadership qualities, teambuilding scenarios and solid moral ground on which they stood.  Well, that's what I told my mom, but the truth is they would build cool kit with laser beams and rockets out of stuff they found in a barn to dominate even the smartest bad guys and generally kick ass with unprecedented style! 

    This show was so much fun, and to me, possessed a winning formula that has been hard to duplicate.  I often wonder about the quality of remakes from this genre (80's tv) and pray the studios and filmmakers don't mess it up.  I'm sure many feel the same.  The A-Team remake premieres in the realm of legends like Clash of the Titans, He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, along with the other cartoon remakes like GI Joe, X Men, Spiderman, Batman, etc. 

    Well, after seeing the trailers and who they chose to cast the love-able group of misfit commandos, I can honestly say, I'm just as excited to see this rebirth as I was running home from the school bus stop those many years ago.  Enjoy the trailer and I'll see you at the movies.

    Book 'em Danno

    Scott and I just wrapped the pilot of the new "Hawaii 5-0" remake.  While Scott started video assist on 1st Unit, I did the same on 2nd Unit.  I'd like to think I got the more fun job as it entailed some incredible stunt work; 2 Humvees blowin' up, helicopter gunships, air to air sequences, epic fight scenes, etc.  The Helicopter Pilot was the most skilled I've seen.  Getting such precise camera moves.  Incredible shots.  (They fly on low fuel to lighten the load and increase agility).

    I'm sure Scott had a great time too working with DP Gabriel Beristain, who lensed "Blade II" and Angie Laprete's "Princess Kaiulani."  I'm a big fan of his work, especially how he immortalized our beautiful Iolani Palace on film.  Nice guy. 

    Interstingly the show utilized a variety of Digital Cinema cameras including the Sony F35 (great latitude, bulky setup IMO), the Arri D21 (nice film-like images but 200 ISO?), Canon DSLRs (perfect crash cams), and my fav the RED One 4K.  Each played their parts nicely, and after seeing all these shots during playback, I can say this series is bound for success.  The creators all come from feature film backgrounds so naturally, it has a big feature feel, something not often found on a TV series.  The story and acting are both solid. 

    With the END of LOST this April, it seems a perfect fit for our local production artisans who will soon be looking for work.  Let's all hope this 5-0 goes just as long as LOST or better yet, the original Hawaii Five O series.  When it comes to feeding local families, I say "Book 'em Danno."




    Check out the BEST THEME EVER from the OG Hawaii Five O.  The cinematography and editing are so ahead of their time!  How will they top this???:

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    Today is 350

    Join me at <a" width="120" height="240" border="0" />

    Glam Goddess Giveaway Promo (GGGP)

    I love alliterations and abbreviations. So when I have a chance to use both, watch out! CCS presents the GGGP, a CCC. Or: Co Creative Studios presents the Glam Goddess Giveaway Promo, a Co Creative Collaboration. Word!  Check out the promo and sign up online if you're stuck in the 90's.  Cause that outfit is like so last decade... -vkl

    A Tribute to Bob Johnson


    So Bob's Memorial is today. Fittingly called a Celebration of Life, it will be held at his Hawaii Kai home starting 11a. Caleb put together a few slideshows for our friend who was a great guy and a testament to true Aloha spirit. We miss you man, but know youre not far away, probably catching some wind currents way up high. Happy flying Bob. Check out our vimeo channel dedicated to Bob here: -vkl

    Bob @ Work